IIP add installation package

Use this panel to add an installation package to the integrated installation package (IIP).

This panel is displayed when you click the Add Installer... button on the Construct the Integrated Installation package panel, or if you click the Modify... button next to the Installation Packages used in this IIP table on that same panel. We can select to add a package from a predefined list of supported installation package types.

Installation package

Name of the installation package. This field is read only.

Package identifier

Contribution ID which uniquely identifies the selected installation package. For example, the contribution ID of WAS, ND 6.1 product is 6.1.0-WS-WASND. The first invocation of this package added will be 6.1.0-WS-WASND_1. This field is read only.

Click View Installation Package Information... to view the predefined properties for the selected installation package.

Installation package properties

Specifies various properties of the selected installation package.

The following values are listed:

  • Operating System

    Operating system for the selected package. If working in connected mode, the operating system of the local machine is listed.

  • Architecture

    Processor architecture for the selected package. If working in connected mode, the architecture of the local machine is listed.

  • Directory path to package

    Full directory path to the selected package code. This field is empty until you click the Modify button to specify the directory path. If working in connected mode, then we can click Browse to browse for the package.

  • Package size

    Size of the installation package in megabytes. If working in disconnected mode, then this field will be empty.

Click Modify to specify the directory path to the package. Specify a directory path to WAS code for the installation package we have selected on this panel. If adding an installer in connected mode, point to a path containing a valid installer on the file system.


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