Web server plug-in caching properties

To set the caching properties for a Web server plug-in.

To view this admin console page ...

Servers > Server Types > Web servers > web_server_name > Plug-in properties > Caching Properties.

Enable Edge Side Include (ESI) processing to cache the responses

Whether to enable Edge Side Include processing to cache the responses.

This field corresponds to the esiEnable element in plugin-cfg.xml.

By default, this field is not checked. Select this field if we want Edge Side Include (ESI) processing used to cache responses. If ESI processing is disabled for the plug-in, the other ESI plug-in properties are ignored. Clear the checkbox to disable Edge Side Include processing.

Enable invalidation monitor to receive notifications

When checked, the ESI processor receives invalidations from the appserver.

This field corresponds to the ESIInvalidationMonitor element in plugin-cfg.xml. It is ignored if Edge Side Include (ESI) processing is not enabled for the plug-in.

By default, this field is selected. Clear the check box if we do not want the appserver to send invalidations to the ESI processor.

Maximum cache size

Specifies, in 1K byte units, the maximum size of the cache. The default maximum size of the cache is 1024K bytes (1 megabyte). If the cache is full, the first entry to be evicted from the cache is the entry that is closest its expiration time.

This field corresponds to the esiMaxCacheSize element in plugin-cfg.xml.

Data type Integer
Default 1024 kilobytes

Specify the size in kilobytes (1024 byte blocks).


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