Task overview: Internationalizing interface strings (localizable-text API)

This page summarizes the steps involved in implementing message catalogs through the localizable-text API.

This product supports the maintenance and deployment of centralized message catalogs for the output of properly formatted, language-specific (localized) interface strings.


  1. Identify localizable text in the application.
  2. Create the message catalogs that are necessary for the locales to be supported by the application.

  3. In the application code, compose the language-specific strings for output.

  4. Use an assembly tool, assemble the application code as one or more application components.
  5. Prepare the localizable-text package for deployment with the localized application. In this step, you create a deployment JAR file.

  6. Assemble the application modules and the deployment JAR file into a Java EE application.
  7. Deploy and manage the application.



Your application is deployed with localized text.

Identifying localizable text
Create message catalogs
Composing language-specific strings
Preparing the localizable-text package for deployment


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