Set an entry mapping repository in a federated repository configuration

An entry-level join means that the federated repository configuration uses multiple repositories simultaneously and recognizes the entries in the different repositories as entries representing distinct entities.

For example, a company might have an LDAP directory that contains entries for its employees and a database that contains entries for business partners and customers. By configuring an entry mapping repository, a federated repository configuration can use both the LDAP and the database at the same time. The federated repository configuration hierarchy and constraints for identifiers provide the aggregated namespace for both of those repositories and prevent identifiers from colliding.

When you configure an entry mapping repository, we can supply...

The system first tries to connect by way of the data source. If the data source is not available, then the system uses the direct access configuration.

We cannot configure an entry mapping repository in a mixed-version dmgr cell.


  1. Set the data source.
  2. Set up the entry mapping repository using wsadmin.

  3. Set the entry mapping repository into the federated repository...

    1. In the admin console, click...

      Security | Global security | User account repository | Available realm definitions | Federated repositories | Set | Entry mapping repository

    2. Supply the name of the data source in the Data source name field.

    3. Select the type of database used for the property extension repository.

    4. Supply the name of the JDBC driver in the JDBC driver field. Values include:




      DataDirect Connect




      Microsoft SQL Server



    5. Supply the database URL used to access the property extension repository with JDBC in the Database URL field. include:




      jdbc:informix-sqli: //host_name:1526/wim:INFORMIXSERVER=IFXServerName;

      DataDirect Connect

      jdbc:datadirect:sqlserver: //host_name:1433;databaseName=wim;selectMethod=cursor;



      Microsoft SQL Server

      jdbc:sqlserver: //host_name:1433;databaseName=wim;selectMethod=cursor;



    6. Supply the user name of the database administrator in the Database administrator user name field.

    7. Supply the password of the database administrator in the field.

    8. Click OK.



After completing these steps, the federated repository configuration, which includes an entry mapping repository, is configured.


Next steps

  1. After configuring the federated repositories, click...

    Security | Global security

    Verify that Federated repositories is identified in the Current realm definition field. If Federated repositories is not identified, select Federated repositories from the Available realm definitions field and click Set as current.

    To verify the federated repositories configuration, click Apply on the Global security panel. If Federated repositories is not identified in the Current realm definition field, the federated repositories configuration is not used by WAS.

  2. If enabling security, complete the remaining steps as specified in Enable security for the realm. As the final step, validate this setup by clicking Apply in the Global security panel.

  3. Save, stop, and restart all WAS servers...

    • dmgrs
    • nodes
    • Application Servers

    ...for changes in this panel to take effect. If the server comes up without any problems, the setup is correct.

Entry mapping repository settings


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