Receiving a certificate issued by a certificate authority

When a certificate authority (CA) receives a certificate request, it issues a new certificate that functions as a temporary placeholder for a CA-issued certificate. A keystore receives the certificate from the CA and generates a CA-signed personal certificate that WAS can use for SSL security.

The keystore must contain the certificate request created and sent to the CA. Also, the keystore must be able to access the certificate that is returned by the CA. Alternative Method: To receive a certificate by using wsadmin, use the receiveCertificate command of the AdminTask object.

See PersonalCertificateCommands.

WAS can receive only those certificates that are generated by a WAS certificate request. It cannot receive certificates that are created with certificate requests from other keystore tools, such as iKeyman and keyTool.

Complete the following steps in the admin console:


  1. Click Security > SSL certificate and key management > Manage endpoint security configurations > {Inbound | Outbound} > ssl_configuration > Key stores and certificates > [keystore].

  2. Under Additional Properties, click Personal certificates.

  3. Select a personal certificate.

  4. Click Receive a certificate from a certificate authority.

  5. Type the full path and name of the certificate file.

  6. Select a data type from the list.

  7. Click Apply and Save.



The keystore contains a new personal certificate that is issued by a CA. The original certificate request is changed to a personal certificate.


Next steps

The SSL configuration is ready to use the new CA-signed personal certificate.

Export certificate to a keystore file or a managed keystore
Import certificate from a key file or managed keystore
Receive certificate from CA


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