Propagating security policies and roles for previously deployed applications

Use this task to propagate security policies and roles to the external Java Authorization Contract for Containers (JACC) provider.

The external JACC provider must be configured before following these steps.

After switching to use the external JACC provider we can follow these steps to avoid having to redeploy the existing applications. Updating using these steps retrieves the security policy and roles from the deployed applications and propagates it to the external JACC provider removing the need for the applications to be redeployed.


  1. From the WAS admin console, click Security > Global security > External authorization providers.

  2. Select the appropriate security policy and role updating option.

    • Select Don't update provider to not propagate any security policies or roles

    • Select Update with all applications to propagate security policies and roles for all applications

    • Select Update with application names listed to propagate security policies and roles for the selected applications. If multiple applications should be updated, separate the application names with commas.

  3. Click Apply.



After completing this task the security policies and roles have been successfully propagated to the external JACC provider.


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