Propagating admin role changes to TAM

These steps provide an example of how to migrate the admin-authz.xml file.

Additions and changes to console users and groups are not automatically added to the TAM object space after the Java Authorization Contract for Containers (JACC) provider for TAM is configured. Changes to console users and groups are saved in the admin-authz.xml file and this file must be migrated before any changes take effect. The JACC provider for TAM includes the migrateEAR migration utility for incorporating console user and group changes into the TAM object space.

The migrateEAR utility is used to migrate the changes made to console users and groups after the JACC provider for TAM is configured. The utility does not need to run for changes and additions to console users and groups made prior to the configuration of the JACC provider for TAM because the changes made to the admin-authz.xml and naming-authz.xml files are automatically migrated at configuration time. Furthermore, the migration tool does not need to run before deploying standard Java EE applications; Java EE application policy deployment is also performed automatically.

For example, if we wanted to migrate the admin-authz.xml file...


  1. Set up the environment.

    Before running the migrateEAR utility, set up the environment by running the setupCmdLine.bat or file that is located in...


    Make sure that the WAS_HOME environment variable is set to the WAS installation directory.

  2. Change to the APP_ROOT/bin directory where the migrateEAR utility is located.

  3. Run the migrateEAR utility to migrate the data contained in the admin-authz.xml file. Use the parameter descriptions that are listed in migrateEAR utility for TAM.

    (UNIX) For example:

    -j “APP_ROOT/profiles/profile_name/config/cells/cell_name/xml_filename”
    -a sec_master 
    -p password 
    -w wsadmin 
    -d o=ibm,c=us
    -c file:/”APP_ROOT/java/jre/”
    -z Roles
    where xml_filename might be admin-authz.xml or naming-authz.xml. The -z Roles parameter is optional and when specified adds a subdirectory under the current directory structure in which to store the role mapping. For example,

    If -z Roles is not specified, the role mapping is stored in the current directory structure. For example,


    A status message is displayed when the migration completes. Output of the utility is logged to the pdwas_migrate.log file, which is created in the directory where the utility is run. Check the log file after each migration. If the log file displays errors, check the last recorded transaction, correct the source of the error, and rerun the migration utility. If the migration is unsuccessful, verify that you supplied the correct values for the -c and -j options.

  4. WAS does not require a restart for the changes to take effect.


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