PropFilePasswordEncoder command reference

The PropFilePasswordEncoder command encodes passwords that are located in plain text property files. This command encodes both Secure Authentication Server (SAS) property files and non-SAS property files. After you encode the passwords, a decoding command does not exist.

To encode passwords, run this command from the directory:



The command syntax is as follows:

PropFilePasswordEncoder "file_name" { passwordPropertiesList | -SAS } { -noBackup | -Backup } 
    [ -profileName profile ] [ -help | -? ]



The following option is available for the PropFilePasswordEncoder command:


This required parameter specifies the name of the file in which passwords are encoded.


Required.if we are encoding passwords in property files other than sas.client.props. Specify one or more password properties to encode. The password properties list should be delimited by commas.


Required.if we are encoding passwords in sas.client.props.


This parameter is optional and the default. The script does not create a backup file. The default value can be altered by adding following Java System Property: "".


This parameter is optional. The script creates a backup file, <file_name>.bak, which contains passwords in clear text.


This parameter is optional. The profile value specifies an application server profile name. The script uses the password encoding algorithm that it retrieves from the specified profile. If we do not specify this parameter, the script uses the default profile.

-help or -?

If we specify this parameter, the script ignores all other parameters and displays usage text.




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