Encode passwords in files


WAS contains several encoded passwords in files that are not encrypted. WAS provides the PropFilePasswordEncoder utility for encoding these passwords.

The PropFilePasswordEncoder utility does not encode passwords that are contained within XML or XMI files. WAS automatically encodes the passwords in these files.

XML and XMI files that contain encoded passwords include the following:

PropFilePasswordEncoder utility

Encode the passwords in properties files. These files include:

Encode a password again in one of the previous files

  1. Edit file and type over existing password. The new password shown is no longer encoded and must be re-encoded.

  2. Run...


    If we are encoding files that are not SAS properties files, type PropFilePasswordEncoder "file_name" password_properties_list

    When you use the PropFilePasswordEncoder utility, a prompt asks whether a backup version of the original file is required. If a backup version is required, a backup file (.bak), is created with the clear text password. Examine the results and then delete this backup file. It contains the unencrypted password. If we do not want to see this prompt, edit the PropFilePasswordEncoder utility and add the following Java system property as a parameter: -Dcom.ibm.websphere.security.util.createBackup=true or -Dcom.ibm.websphere.security.util.createBackup=false

    A true value for the Java system property creates a backup file and a false value disables the backup file.

    where: "file_name" is the name of the z/SAS properties file, and password_properties_list is the name of the properties to encode within the file.

    Only the password should be encoded in this file using the PropFilePasswordEncoder tool.

    Use the PropFilePasswordEncoder utility to encode WAS password files only. The utility cannot encode passwords that are contained in XML files or other files that contain open and close tags.



If we reopen the affected files, the passwords are encoded. WAS does not provide a utility for decoding the passwords.

PropFilePasswordEncoder command reference


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