Object caching properties


The object cache is used to cache all TAM objects, including their extended attributes. This bypasses the need to query the TAM authorization server for each resource request.

These properties are in...

$WP_PROFILE is the value of the profilePath parameter when the profile is created.

These object cache properties cannot be changed after configuration. If any require changing, it should be done before configuration of the nodes in the cell. Changes need to be made in the template properties file before any configuration actions are performed. Properties changed after configuration might cause access decisions to fail.


This property enables or disables object caching. The default value is true.


Is the class used to perform object caching. You can implement our own object cache if required. This can be done by implementing the com.tivoli.pd.as.cache.IObjectCache interface. The default is com.tivoli.pd.as.cache.ObjectCacheImpl.


Number of buckets used to store object cache entries in the underlying hash table. The default is 20.


Total number of entries for all buckets in the cache. This figure, divided by NumBuckets determines the maximum size of each bucket. The default is 10000.


Length of time in minutes that objects are kept in the object cache. The default is 20.


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