LDAP entity types collection

To list LDAP entity types that are supported by the member repositories or to select an LDAP entity type to set its configuration properties.

  1. In the admin console, click...

      Security | Global security

  2. Under User account repository, select Federated repositories from the Available realm definitions field and click Configure.

  3. Under Related items, click Manage repositories.

  4. Click Add to specify a new external repository or select an external repository that is preconfigured.

  5. Under Additional properties, click LDAP entity types.

When you finish adding or updating the federated repository configuration, go to the Security > Global security panel and click Apply to validate the changes.

Entity type

Entity type name.

Object classes

Object classes that are mapped to this entity type. LDAP entries that contain one or more of the object classes belong to this entity type.

We cannot map multiple entity types to the same LDAP object class.


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