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To configure the global directives for the Web server...

Servers | Server Types | Web Servers | Web_server_name | Global directives

Global directives...

Security enabled

Specifies if security is enabled in the Web server.

Key store certificate alias

If the Security enabled box is checked, specify the key store certificate alias.

Server name

Hostname that the Web server uses to identify itself.

Listen ports

Port on which the Web server will listen for requests.

Document root

The directory where the Web server will serve files.

Key store name

Name we have assigned to the keystore. A button is also provided to Manage keys and certificates.

Target key store directory and file name

Target directory and file name of the keystore on the machine where the Web server is installed. A button is also provided to Copy to Web server key store directory.

SSL V2 timeout

SSL V2 timeout.

SSL V3 timeout

SSL V3 timeout.


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