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Use queryNames to see running MBean objects.


print AdminControl.queryNames('*')


$AdminControl queryNames *

This command returns a list of all MBean types.

The list that queryNames returns is a string representation of JMX ObjectName objects. For example:

WebSphere:cell=MyCell,name=TraceService,mbeanIdentifier=TraceService, type=TraceService,node=MyNode,process=server1

This example represents a TraceServer object that runs in server1 on MyNode.

The single queryNames argument represents the ObjectName object for which we are searching. The asterisk ("*") in the example means return all objects, but it is possible to be more specific. As shown in the example, ObjectName has two parts:

For MBeans created by the WAS, the domain is WebSphere. If we do not specify a domain when you invoke queryNames, the scripting client assumes the domain is WebSphere.

This means that the first example query above is equivalent to:




$AdminControl queryNames WebSphere:*

ObjectName object:

These key properties are common. There are other key properties that exist. Use any of these key properties to narrow the scope of queryNames.

For example:




$AdminControl queryNames WebSphere:type=Server,node=myNode,*

This example returns a list of all MBeans that represent server objects running the node myNode. The, * at the end of the ObjectName object is a JMX wildcard designation.

For example, if we enter the following...


print AdminControl.queryNames('WebSphere:type=Server,node=myNode')


$AdminControl queryNames WebSphere:type=Server,node=myNode

...you get an empty list back because the argument to queryNames is not a wildcard.

There is no Server MBean running that has exactly these key properties and no others.

To see all the MBeans representing applications running on a particular node, invoke the following example:


print AdminControl.queryNames('WebSphere:type=Application,node=myNode,*')


$AdminControl queryNames WebSphere:type=Application,node=myNode,*


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