Node agent collection

To view information about node agents. Node agents are administrative agents that monitor appservers on a host system and route admin requests to servers. A node agent is the running server that represents a node in an ND environment.

To view this admin console page, click System Administration > Node agents .

You must initially start a node agent outside the admin console. For information on how to initially start a node agent, see and the startNode command.


Logical name for the node agent server.


Name for the node. The node name is unique within the cell.

A node name usually is identical to the host name for the computer. That is, a node usually corresponds to a physical computer system with a distinct IP host address.

However, the node name is a purely logical name for a group of servers. We can name the node anything you please. The node name does not have to be the host name.


Product version of the node.

WAS ND v7.0 version is the version of a WAS node agent and Application Servers that run on the node.

Host Name


Indicates whether the node agent server is started or stopped.

Table 1. Node agent server status

Started The node agent is running.

Stopped The node agent is not running.


Node agent server settings


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