Enable embedded Tivoli Access Manager



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Embedded Tivoli Access Manager is not enabled by default. To enable...

  1. Install LDAP on the network. This user registry will be used by both TAM and WAS.
  2. Configure a Tivoli Access Manager server to use the user registry.

    The TAM server must be the same version or later as the WAS client version

    Tivoli Access Manager server is bundled with WAS.

  3. WAS is installed either in a single server model or as WAS ND.

  4. When admin security is configured with a FIPS provider, the TAM server must be configured for FIPS as well
  5. Create the security admin user.
  6. Set the JACC provider for TAM.
  7. Enable WAS security with LDAP as the user registry.
  8. Enable the JACC provider for TAM.


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