Create the security admin user for Tivoli Access Manager



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Use the Tivoli Access Manager command-line pdadmin utility to create the TAM admin user for WAS. This utility is available on the policy server host machine.

Follow these steps to use the pdadmin utility.

  1. Start the pdadmin utility as the TAM administrative user, sec_master:

    pdadmin -a sec_master -p sec_master_password

  2. Create a WebSphere Application WAS security user. For example...

    pdadmin> user create wasadmin cn=wasadmin,o=organization, c=country wasadmin wasadmin myPassword

  3. Enable the account for the WAS security administrative user...

    pdadmin> user modify wasadmin account-valid yes


Next steps

Set the Java Authorization Contract for Container (JACC) provider for TAM.


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