Dynamic role caching properties

The dynamic role cache holds role memberships that expire.

These properties are in the $WP_PROFILE/etc/tam/amwas.node_name_server_name.amjacc.properties file.

The $WP_PROFILE directory is the value of the profilePath parameter at profile creation time.


Enables or disables dynamic role caching. Dynamic role caching is enabled by default.


This property holds the implementation class of the dynamic role cache. You do not need to change this property, although the opportunity exists to implement our own cache, if necessary.


The maximum number of users that the cache supports before a cache cleanup is performed. The default number of users is 100000.


The number of tables used internally by the dynamic role cache. The default is 20. When a large number of threads use the cache, increase the value to tune and optimize cache performance.


The period of time in minutes that a principal entry is stored in the cache. The default time is 10 minutes. The term, principal, here refers to the TAM credential that is returned from a unique LDAP user.


The period of time in seconds that a role is stored in the role list for a user before it is discarded. The default is 20 seconds.


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