Create clusters without cluster members using scripting

Use wsadmin to create appserver, generic server, Web server, and proxy server clusters without cluster members.

There are multiple ways to complete this task. This page uses the AdminConfig or AdminTask objects to create clusters without cluster members in the environment. Alternatively, we can use the createClusterWithoutMember script in the AdminClusterManagement script library to create and configure clusters.

Perform the following steps to create a cluster without a cluster member:


  1. Launch the wsadmin scripting tool using the Jython scripting language.

  2. There are two ways to perform this task. Choose one of the following:

    • Use AdminTask:

      • Jacl...

        $AdminTask createCluster {-interactive}

      • Jython...

        AdminTask.createCluster (['-interactive'])

    • Use the AdminConfig object:

      1. Identify the cell configuration ID and set it to the s1 variable:

        • Jacl...

          set s1 [$AdminConfig getid /Cell:mycell/]

        • Jython...

          s1 = AdminConfig.getid('/Cell:mycell/')

      2. Create a new cluster without a cluster member:

        • Jacl...

          $AdminConfig create ServerCluster $s1 {{name ClusterName}}

        • Jython...

          print AdminConfig.create('ServerCluster', s1, '[[name ClusterName]]')

  3. Save the configuration changes...

  4. In a network deployment environment only, synchronize the node.

    Use the syncActiveNodes script in the AdminNodeManagement script library to propagate the changes to all active nodes, as the following example demonstrates:



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