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Use Console Identity to define a string (keyword, name, or phrase) to be displayed in the console banner. This string can be used to distinguish this console from other console instances.

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System administration | Console Identity
The console identity string is rendered differently in the banner and browser title bar.

Console identity in the banner The console identity string is displayed in the console banner after the greeting to the console user, separated by a dash. For example, if the identity string is set to Paris and the user is logged in as wasadmin, the banner displays the following greeting.

Welcome wasadmin - Paris

On the login page, the console identity is displayed without the greeting.

Console identity in the browser title bar The console identity string is displayed in the title bar after the console brand name, separated by a space. For example, if the identity string is set to Amsterdam, the title bar displays the following information.

Integrated Solutions Console Amsterdam

After saving these changes, the console identity settings are applied across the console. For an administrative agent configuration, this means that the changes are applied to the administrative agent and all of its registered appservers, regardless of where the changes were actually saved.

Console identity

Whether a custom string is used to identify this console.

none A custom string should not be displayed.
custom Display a custom string in the banner and browser. When selected, Custom identity string is enabled.

Custom identity string

Text string to display in the banner and browser title bar.

Truncate string at (Characters)

How many characters of the string should be displayed. Input for this field must be an integer. Minimum value is 4, maximum value is 99. When the string is truncated, 3 of the characters are used for an ellipsis (...) to indicate that it has been truncated.

Console identity preview

Click Preview to see how the custom string will be displayed in the banner.