Verifying the installver command

Use the verifyinstallver command to perform a checksum on the files that comprise the installver command.


Before you begin

Install the product at the v6.2 level or later before attempting to verify the checksums of the files that comprise the installver command.


About this task

This topic describes using the verifyinstallver command to compute a checksum on the installed files that comprise the installver command. Verifying the checksums of the command files ensures that the command can function properly.



  1. Change directories to the bin directory in app_server_root.

  2. Start the verifyinstallver command script from the command line.

    • ./

    • verifyinstallver.bat

    Use the -trace parameter to show verbose results. You can use the -help parameter to see usage information.



If the command successfully verifies the installver files, you see messages that are similar to the following example

I CWNVU0160I: [ivu] Verifying.
I CWNVU0170I: [ivu] The installation root directory is C:\WebSphere\V6X-ND\
I CWNVU0300I: [ivu] The total number of user excluded files found are 0.
I CWNVU0300I: [ivu] The total number of IBM excluded files found are 75.
I CWNVU0180I: [ivu] Searching directory properties\version\install\\backup for file listing:
I CWNVU0260I: [ivu] The total number of components found is: 285
I CWNVU0270I: [ivu] Gathering installation root data.
I CWNVU0460I: [ivu] The utility is running.
I CWNVU0290I: [ivu] Starting the verification for 1 components.

I CWNVU0470I: [ivu] Starting to analyze: installver
I CWNVU0480I: [ivu] Done analyzing: installver

I CWNVU0400I: [ivu] Total issues found : 0
I CWNVU0340I: [ivu] Done.


What to do next

Go to the description of the verifyinstallver command to learn more.

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