verifyinstallver command

The verifyinstallver command is a verification program that performs a checksum on the files that comprise the installver command.



This topic describes the command-line syntax for the verifyinstallver command. Start the verifyinstallver command script from the command line. This topic describes how to locate the command and use it to verify that the installver command is valid.

Use the following syntax for the command to automatically check the bill of materials against the installed file system:

Display verbose results: -trace

verifyinstallver.bat -trace

Display usage information: -help

verifyinstallver.bat -help

The location of the verification program for installver command is:



The command has optional parameters.


Optional parameter to identify the location of the installver command file.

The default location and filename are:


Displays usage information.


Provides trace output of what the tool checks and what the tool discovers.



Go to the description of the installver command to learn more.

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