Optionally select one or more interim fix maintenance packages to include in the customized installation package (CIP).

Select maintenance packages is optional. The types of packages to include are your choice. For example, you can skip refresh packs and fix packs and install an interim fix. Or install one refresh pack, one fix pack, and five interim fixes.

Always select a PAK file when selecting a maintenance package, such as the app_server_root/updateinstaller/maintenance/6.0-WS-WAS-WinX32-RP0000002.pak file.

You can select only one refresh pack, fix pack, and SDK fix pack. Refresh packs and fix packs are cumulative. Always select the latest package available when possible.

Select interim fixes

In disconnected mode, you can type directly into the list of interim fixes.

In connected mode, you cannot type directly into the list of interim fixes. Click Add in connected mode to browse for and select one or more existing interim fix files.

Click Remove to remove selected interim fixes from the list of fixes to install.

Use Ctrl+left-mouse-button to select one interim fix at a time. Click one interim fix then use shift+left-mouse-button to click the opposite end of a span of sequential interim fixes to select them all.


The processing engine requires selected interim fixes to have a valid file path and valid interim fix format. In connected mode, validation of the file path occurs when you click Next. Validation of whether an interim fix is valid occurs only when you click Verify Interim Fix Packages.

In disconnected mode, the processing engine performs validation while building the customized installation package.

Disconnected mode affects file path specifications

In disconnected mode, remember to specify the file path and the names of the *.pak files in terms of the machine on which the processing engine machine runs. The processing engine must be able to locate the interim fix packages at build time.

What are maintenance packages?

Maintenance packages include refresh packs, fix packs, and interim fixes. See the "Maintenance Packages" help panel for a description of refresh packs and fix packs. An interim fix is a single published emergency fix, such as PQ79582, that resolves one or more product defects. An interim fix can be applied to a release, refresh pack, or fix pack where applicable. Interim fixes are validated by at least one customer prior to publish.

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