Working with server configuration files



Application server configuration files define the available application servers, their configurations, and their contents.

You should periodically save changes to your administrative configuration. You can change the default locations of configuration files, as needed.



  1. Edit configuration files. The master repository is comprised of .xml configuration files. You can edit configuration files using the administrative console, scripting, wsadmin commands, programming, or by editing a configuration file directly.

  2. Save changes made to configuration files. Using the console, you can save changes as follows:

    1. Click Save on the taskbar of the administrative console.

    2. Put a check mark in the Synchronize changes with Nodes check box.

    3. On the Save page, click Save.

  3. Handle temporary configuration files resulting from a session timing out.

  4. Change the location of temporary configuration files.

  5. Change the location of backed-up configuration files.

  6. Change the location of temporary workspace files.

  7. Back up and restore configurations.


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