Prepare to install Network Deployment on a Solaris system

This topic describes how to install the IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, V6 product on a Solaris platform.


Before you begin

Before using this topic to prepare for installing the Network Deployment product, decide the sort of topology you want to install and prepare your operating system. See the following topics for more information:

Log on as root to successfully install the product. You cannot install the product correctly from a non-root user.



After verifying prerequisites, verifying the product CD, and setting your installation goals, one can start installing. Use the following procedure to link to the type of installation procedure that you require. Then install the Network Deployment product on your operating system.


Steps for this task (dependent on configuration)



The Installation wizard installs the core product files and selected features into the installation root directory.

However, create a profile that defines a deployment manager, a managed node, or a stand-alone application server to have an operational environment.


What to do next

Create a deployment manager profile!

Use the Profile creation wizard to create profiles in the default install_root/profiles directory or in a directory that you select.

See Using the Profile creation wizard.

Deploy an application to get started!

After creating an application server profile, one can deploy an application. See Fast paths for WebSphere Application Server to get started deploying applications.




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