Migrate security configurations from previous releases


Before you begin

This article addresses the need to migrate your security configurations from a previous release of IBM WAS to WebSphere Application Server V6. Complete the following steps to migrate your security configurations:



  1. Start the First steps wizard by launching the firststeps.bat or firststeps.sh file. The first steps file is located in the following directory:

    • ./install_root/profiles/profile/firststeps/firststeps.sh

    • install_root\profiles\profile\firststeps\firststeps.bat

  2. On the First steps wizard panel, click Migration wizard.

  3. Follow the instructions provided in the First steps wizard to complete the migration.

    For more information on the Migration wizard, see Using the Migration wizard.



The security configuration of previous WebSphere Application Server releases and its applications are migrated to the new installation of WAS V6.


What to do next

This task is for migrating an installation.

If a custom user registry is used in the previous version, the migration process does not migrate the class files used by the custom user registry in the previous_install_root/classes directory. Therefore, after migration, copy your custom user registry implementation classes to the install_root/classes directory.

If you upgrade from WebSphere Application Server, V5.x or 4.0.x to WebSphere Application Server, v6.x, the data that is associated with V5.x or 4.0.x trust associations is not automatically migrated to v6.x. To migrate trust associations, see Migrating trust association interceptors.


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