Define application server processes



To enhance the operation of an application server, one can define command-line information for starting or initializing an application server process. Such settings define run-time properties such as the program to run, arguments to run the program, and the working directory.



  1. Go to the settings page for a process definition in the administrative console. Click Servers > Application Servers in the console navigation tree, click on an application server name and then Java and Process Management > Process Definition. Note that one can also define application server processes using the wsadmin tool. For more information, see Configuring processes using scripting.

  2. On the settings page for a process definition, specify the name of the executable to run, any arguments to pass when the process starts running, and the working directory in which the process will run. Then click OK.

  3. Specify process execution statements for starting or initializing a UNIX process.

  4. Specify monitoring policies to track the performance of a process.

  5. Specify process logs to which standard out and standard error streams write. Complete this step if you do not want to use the default file names.

  6. Specify name-value pairs for properties needed by the process definition.

  7. Stop the application server and then restart the server.

  8. Check the application server to ensure that the process definition runs and operates as intended.


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