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Use this page to manage the state of the individual members of a high availability group. This page lists the current members of the selected high availability group.

To view this administrative console page, click...

Servers | Core groups | Core group settings | core_group | Runtime tab

In the Group name properties field, specify a match criterion for a specific high availability group, or specify an asterisk (*) to get a list of all the high availability groups that are part of this core group. (A match criterion is one or more name=value pairs that match attributes contained in a high availability group's name.) Then click Show groups and select one of the high availability groups listed.

Name Name of a high availability group member.
Node Node on which each high availability group member is running.
Version Specifies the version of the WAS product on which each node is running.
Status Indicates the state of the high availability group members.

High availability group members are either idle, activated, or disabled. The usual states are idle or activated. One of the few times you might want to disable a member is if it is running on a server that you plan to remove or delete.

  • If a group member is idle, it cannot be assigned any work.

  • If a group member is activated, it can be assigned work.

  • If a group member is disabled, it must be enabled before it can be activated.

Only use the Disable buttons if you want to prevent a group member from being activated.

Use the Enable button to enable a group member that was previously disabled.

Use the Activate button to activate an idle group member.

Use the Deactivate button to make a group member idle.




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