Administrative console navigation tree actions

Use the navigation tree of the administrative console to access pages for creating and managing servers, applications, resources, and other components.

To view the navigation tree, go to the WAS administrative console and look at the tree on the left side of the console. The tree provides navigation to configuration tasks and run-time information. The main topics available on the navigation tree are detailed in the following section. To use the tree, expand a main topic and select an item from the expanded list to display a page on which one can perform the administrative task.

Configure application servers, clusters, generic servers, Web servers, and core groups.


Install applications onto servers and manage the installed applications.


Configure resources and to view information on resources that exist in the administrative cell.


Access the Security Center, which you use to secure applications and servers.

Configure hosts, WAS variables, and other components.

System Administration

Configure console settings, and manage components and users of a Network Deployment product.


Check for configuration errors and problems, view log files, and enable and disable tracing on a distributed platform.

Monitoring and Tuning

Monitor and tune your Application Server performance and analyze performance data.

Service Integration

Iimplement message-oriented and service-oriented applications.


Publish and discover information about Web services.


Related Tasks

Using the administrative console




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