Core group servers

A core group server is an application server, a deployment manager, or a node agent that is a member of a high availability core group. Use this page to move servers into a different core group. All members of a cluster must be in the same core group. If you select one or more members of a cluster, all of the members of that cluster must be moved.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Core groups > Core group settings > New or Select an existing core group for editing > Core group servers.

Name Names of the servers in the core group. This field is read-only. Click on this field to the specify custom properties for this server.
Node Node that contains the core group server. This field is read-only.
Version Specifies the product version of the node in the cell. A Version 6 deployment manager node can own a V5 managed node. V5 managed nodes are easily identified in this field. This field is read-only.
Type Identifies the server process type, which can be either deployment manager, node agent, or application server. Standalone application servers in the cell, managed nodes, and cluster members all display as application server types. This field is read-only.
Cluster Name Specifies the cluster name if the core group server is part of a cluster. If the core group server does not belong to a cluster, this field is blank. This field is read-only.

To move one or more servers to another core group, select the check box next to the names of the servers that you want to move and click Move.