Searching knowledge bases


If you have a problem with your IBM software, you want it resolved quickly. Begin by searching the available knowledge bases to determine whether the resolution to your problem is already documented:

  1. Search the information center

  2. Search the Internet.


Search the information center

IBM provides extensive documentation in the form of online information centers. An information center can be installed on your local machine or on a local intranet. An information center can also be viewed on the IBM Web site. You can use the powerful search function of the information center to query conceptual and reference information as well as detailed instructions for completing tasks.


Search the Internet

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the information center, search the Internet for the latest, most complete information that might help you resolve your problem. To search multiple Internet resources for your product, expand Searching knowledge bases in the navigation frame to the left and select the Web search page for your product. From this page, you can search a variety of resources including:

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