Getting fixes


A product fix might be available to resolve your problem. You can determine what fixes are available by launching a query from the Web search page:

  1. Expand Searching knowledge bases in the lefthand frame and select the Web search page for your product.

  2. From the Select document type drop-down list, select Downloads and fixes.

  3. Complete any other fields as desired, then click the Submit icon. This launches a search of the "live" support knowledge base on the IBM Web site.

  4. From the list of download documents returned by your search, click the name of a fix to read its description and to optionally download the fix.

Tip: To receive weekly e-mail notifications about fixes and other news about IBM products, follow these steps:

  1. From the support site, click My support in the upper-right corner of the page.

  2. If you have already registered for "My support", skip to the next step. If you have not registered, click register now on the My Support sign-in page (use your e-mail address as your IBM ID).

  3. Sign in to "My support".

  4. On the Edit profile tab, click Add Products.

  5. From the Products drop-down list, select Software or any other product category. This action generates a second drop-down list.

  6. From the second drop-down list, select a product segment, for example, Application servers. A third drop-down list is generated.

  7. From the third drop-down list, select a product sub-segment, for example, Distributed Application & Web Servers. A list of applicable products is displayed.

  8. Check the boxes next to the products for which you want to receive updates, for example, IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere Application Server.

  9. Click Add products.

For information about types of fixes, see the Software Support Handbook ( For search help, visit the IBM Software Support Web site ( and click Search tips.

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