A variable has a name and a value that can be used to provide a parameter for any value in the system.

Variables have a scope, which is the range of locations in the WAS network where the variable is applicable. A variable with a cell-wide scope applies across the entire WAS cell. A variable with node-level scope applies only on the node for which it is defined. If a node-level variable has the same name as a cell-wide variable, the node-level variable value takes precedence. A server variable only applies to the one server process, and takes precedence over any wider scoped variable with the same name.

When you use variables in configuration values such as file system path settings, the following syntax refers to the variable, using the variable's name...


If the value of a variable contains a reference to another variable, the value of the variable is computed by substituting the value of the referenced variable recursively. For example...

Variable name Variable value
USER_DIR ${HOME_DIR}/myuserdir