Variable settings

Use this page to define the name and value of a WebSphere Application Server substitution variable.

To view this administrative console page, click Environment > Manage WebSphere Variables > WebSphere_variable_name.


Configuration tab

Name Specifies a symbolic name that represents a file path, Web address, or other value.

WAS substitutes the symbolic name wherever its value appears in the system.

For example, "CONFIG_ROOT" is the symbolic name representing the configuration directory path "C:\WebSphere\AppServer\Config" for the base WAS product on a Windows system.

Data type String

Value Specifies the value that the symbolic name represents, such as absolute file path.

For example, the value might be the absolute file path, "C:\WebSphere\AppServer\Config," in the base WebSphere Application Server product on a Windows system. The corresponding symbolic name might be "CONFIG_ROOT."

Data type String

Description Documents the purpose of a variable.

Data type String