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Install completes with errors or hangs

  1. Browse log files in $WAS_HOME/logs.

  2. Verify latest fixes and fix packs have been installed.

  3. Verify pre-requisites were satisfied.

  4. Troubleshoot the installation.

  5. Check online resources .

  6. Search IBM Support


Administrative console does not start


An "Internal Server Error", "Page cannot be found", 404

  1. For a base configuration, run... server

  2. If you are using the deployment manager, run

  3. Review $WAS_HOME/logs/server/SystemOut.log

  4. Verify URL is similar to...


  5. ping the server machine

  6. telnet to the server and port


An "Unable to process login. Check user ID and password and try again."

Security is enabled for WAS and the user ID or password supplied is invalid. Use the ID defined in security.xml or enable an ID.


The directory paths in the console contain strange characters

Directory paths may contain strange characters when they are viewed in the administrative console. This might result from the Java run time interpreting a backslash (\) as a control character.

To resolve, modify Windows-style class paths by replacing occurrences of single back slashes to two. For example, change...


to ...



Installation completes, but Sample applications do not work

If the WAS installation program completes successfully, but the Sample applications do not run: