deletemq command

Use the deletemq command to delete a queue manager and messaging broker for embedded messaging.

On Application Server, the deletemq command line tool ( or deletemq.bat, in the $WAS_HOME\bin directory) deletes the queue manager and messaging broker for the specified appserver.

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deletemq command syntax

The command syntax is as follows

deletemq was_home cell_name node_name server_name


was_home The $WAS_HOME directory, where WAS is installed.

cell_name The name of the cell within which the queue manager exists.

node_name The name of the node agent that the queue manager runs with.

server_name The name of the server that uses the queue manager.

On Application Server, this is the name of an appserver.

You can see details of the Queue Manager deletion in the file $WAS_HOME\logs\deletemq.node_name.server_name.log.

Example For Application Server on Windows

deletemq "C:\WebSphere\AppServer" BG4IPL BG4IPL server "C:\WebSphere\WebSphere MQ" "C:\WebSphere\WebSphere MQ\WEMPS"

The results of this command would be output to the C:\WebSphere\AppServer\log\deletemq.BG4IPL.server.log


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