Use EJB query

The EJB query language is used to specify a query over container-managed entity beans. The language is similar to SQL. An EJB query is independent of the bean's mapping to a persistent store.

An EJB query can be used in three situations...

Finder and select queries are specified in the bean's deployment descriptor using the <ejb-ql> tag. Queries specified in the deployment descriptor are compiled into SQL during deployment. Dynamic queries require the interface provided by WAS Enterprise.

WebSphere's EJB query language is compliant with the EJB QL defined in Sun's EJB 2.0 specification and has additional capabilities as listed in the topic Comparison of EJB 2.0 specification and WebSphere Query Language.

In your WebSphere application, you can define an EJB query in the following ways...

Before using EJB query, familiarize yourself with query language concepts, starting with the topic, EJB Query Language.

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