Comparison of EJB 2.0 specification and WebSphere query language

Item EJB 2.0 specification WebSphere Query WebSphere Enterprise (Dynamic) Query
Bean methods no no yes
Calendar comparisons yes yes yes
Delimited identifiers no yes yes
Dependent Value attributes no yes yes
Dependent Value methods no no yes
Dynamic Query APIs no no yes
EXISTS predicate no yes yes
Inheritance no yes yes
Multiple element select clauses no no yes
Order by no yes yes
Scalar functions yes * yes yes
Select clause required optional optional
SQL Date/time expressions no yes yes
String comparisons = and <> only = <> > < = <> > <
Subqueries, aggregations, group by, and having clauses no yes yes

* EJB 2.0 defines the following scalar functions: abs, sqrt, concat, length, locate and substring. WebSphere query and dynamic query support additional scalar functions as listed in the topic, EJB query: Scalar functions.


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