Troubleshoot transactions


To identify and resolve transaction-related problems, you can use the standard WAS RAS facilities. If you encounter a problem that you think might be related to transactions, complete the following steps...

  1. Check for transaction messages in the administrative console. The Transaction service produces diagnostic messages prefixed by WTRN.

  2. Check for Transaction messages in the activity log.

  3. Check for more messages in the appserver's SystemOut.log.

  4. Check for messages related to the appserver's transaction log directory when the problem occurred.

    If you changed the transaction log directory and a problem caused the appserver to fail (with in-flight transactions) before the server was cycled properly, the server will next start with the new log directory and be unable to automatically resolve in-flight transactions that were recorded in the old log directory. To resolve this, you can copy the transaction logs to the new directory then stop and restart the application server.


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