Single server topology

Each WAS product can run in a single server environment. The most common topology is a stand-alone base WAS product.

The WAS base product runs on a single machine. You can install the product in a stand-alone configuration or as part of a cell in a multimachine configuration. The stand-alone configuration is typically for developer desktops or stand-alone production computing, which involve a single Application Server instance operating independently of any other applications.

You can install an installation image on any supported machine. Use the Application Server to host one or more applications, configuring it through the administrative console.

Multiple instances on one machine

There are three main topologies for the base WAS product:

You can install the base WAS product multiple times in separate directories. Each resulting installation instance is a fully functional appserver.

You can also install the base WAS product one time and use the wsinstance command to create multiple configuration instances. Configuration instances are fully functional Application Servers that share the run time and command binaries of the initial product installation.


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