Passing SOAP messages with attachments using WSIF

The W3C SOAP Messages with Attachments document describes a standard way to associate a SOAP message with one or more attachments in their native format (for example GIF or JPEG) by using a multipart MIME structure for transport. It defines specific use of the "Multipart/Related" MIME media type, and rules for the use of URI references to entities bundled within the MIME package. It thereby outlines a technique for carrying a SOAP 1.1 message within a MIME multipart/related message in such a way that the SOAP processing rules for a standard SOAP message are not changed.

The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) supports passing attachments in a MIME message using the SOAP provider. The attachment is a javax.activation.DataHandler object. The mime:multipartRelated, mime:part and mime:content tags are used to describe the attachment in the WSDL.

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The MIME headers from the incoming message are not preserved for referenced attachments. The outgoing message contains new MIME headers for Content-Type, Content-Id and Content-Transfer-Encoding that are created by WSIF.


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