Quickly deploying Web components


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To quickly deploy Web components, such as servlets and JSP files, you can drop the individual files into the directory structure of the default application installed by the product.

This procedure relies on the Invoker servlet provided by the product. This servlet, enabled by default, lets you access deployed servlets by classname.

For recommended methods of developing and deploying web application (.war) components, see Using Webapplications.

  1. If deploying a servlet, first compile your servlet.

  2. Copy the servlet or JSP class file into the directory of the default application.A servlet is placed in the directory


    If your servlet has a package statement, then create a subdirectory in the above directory for each level in your package statement.

    A JSP file is placed in the directory


  3. Open a browser window and request your servlet or JSP file. The URL is


    ...where class_name is the Java class implementing the servlet or JSP file.


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