Problems accessing a SQL server data source


What kind of problem are you having accessing your SQL Server database?


ERROR CODE: 20001 and SQL STATE: HY000 accessing SQLServer database

The problem might be that the distributed transaction coordinator service is not started. Look for an error similar to the following example when attempting to access an SQL server database

java.sql.SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer JDBC Driver]
[SQLServer]xa_open (0) returns -3
at Source) ...
(Unknown Source) ...

To confirm this problem:

  1. Go to the Windows Control Panel and click Services(or click Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services)

  2. Verify whether the service Distributed Transaction Coordinator or DTC is started.

  3. If not, start the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service.


Application fails with message stating "Cannot find stored procedure..." accessing an SQLServer database

This error can occur because the stored procedures for the Java Transaction API (JTA) feature are not installed on the Microsoft SQL Server.

To resolve the problem: Repeat the installation for the stored procedures for the JTA feature, according to the ConnectJDBC installation guide.


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