Problems accessing a Sybase data source


What kind of problem are you having accessing your Sybase database?


"Sybase Error 7713: Stored Procedure can only be executed in unchained transaction mode" error

This error occurs when either:

To fix the autocommit(true) mode problem, let the application change the connection to chained mode using the Connection.setAutoCommit(false) mode, or use a set chained on language command.

To resolve the stored procedure problem, use the sp_procxmode procedure_name "anymode" command.


"JZ0XS: The server does not support XA-style transactions. Please verify that the transaction feature is enabled and licensed on this server."

This error occurs when XA-style transactions are attempted on a server that does not have Distributed Transaction Management (DTM) installed.

To resolve this problem, use the instructions in the Sybase Manual titled: Using Adaptive Server Distributed Transaction Management Features to enable Distributed Transaction Management (DTM). The main steps in this procedure are...

  1. Install the DTM option.

  2. Check the license.dat file to verify that the DTM option is installed.

  3. Restart the license manager.

  4. Enable DTM in ISQL.

  5. Restart the ASE service.


A container managed persistence (CMP) enterprise bean is causing exceptions

This error is caused by improper use of reserved words. Reserved words cannot be used as column names.

To correct this problem: Rename the variable to remove the reserved word. You can find a list of reserved words in the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Reference Manual; Volume 1: Building Blocks, Chapter 4. This manual is available online at: .


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