Manage security

Administering secure applications requires access to the WAS administrative console. Otherwise, log in with a valid user ID and password that have administrative access. To administer security, complete these steps...

  1. Configuring global security.

  2. Assigning users to administrator roles.

  3. Assigning users to naming roles.

  4. Configuring authentication mechanisms.

  5. Configuring Lightweight Third Party Authentication.

  6. Configuring trust association interceptors.

  7. Configuring single signon.

  8. Configuring user registries.

    1. Configuring local operating system user registries.

    2. Configuring LDAP user registries.

    3. Configuring custom user registries.

  9. Configuring Java Authentication and Authorization Service login .

  10. Configuring CSIv2 and SAS authentication protocols

  11. Configuring SSL .

  12. Configuring Java 2 security


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