The Java provider - Writing the WSDL extension

The Java provider supports the invocation of a method on a local Java object. To use the Java provider, you need the following binding specified in the WSDL...


Usage scenario

    <!-- Java binding --> 
    <binding .... > 
        <java:binding /> 
        <format:typeMapping style="Java" encoding="Java"/>? 
            <format:typeMap name="qname" formatType="nmtoken"/>* 
                methodType="instance|constructor" /> 
            <input name="nmtoken"? />? 
            <output name="nmtoken"? />? 
            <fault name="nmtoken"? />? 

In this example...

In the next example, the className attribute of the <java:address> element specifies the fully qualified class name of the object containing the method to invoke

    <service ... > 


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