HTTP plug-in component troubleshooting tips

If you are having problems with the HTTP plug-in component - the component which sends requests from your HTTP server, such as IBM HTTP Server, Apache, Domino, iPlanet, or IIS, to the WAS, try these steps...

If these files don't reveal the cause of the problem, follow these additional steps.


Plug-in Problem Determination Steps

The plug-in provides very readable tracing which can be beneficial in helping to figure out the problem. By setting the LogLevel attribute in the config/plugin-cfg.xml file to Trace, you can follow the request processing to see what is going wrong. At a high level...

  1. The plug-in gets a request.

  2. The plug-in checks the routes defined in the plugin-cfg.xml file.

  3. It finds the server group.

  4. It finds the server.

  5. It picks the transport protocol, usually HTTP.

  6. It sends the request.

  7. It reads the response.

  8. It writes it back to the client.

You can see this very clearly by reading through the trace for a single request...

If none of these steps solves the problem...

For current information available from IBM Support on known problems and their resolution, see the following topics on the IBM support page...

IBM Support has documents that can save you time gathering information needed to resolve this problem. Before opening a PMR, see the following topics on the IBM support page:


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