Deploying data access applications

Before installing a data access application into the WebSphere Application Server environment, first ensure that the appropriate database objects are available. This action includes creating and configuring any databases or tables required, setting necessary configuration parameters to handle expected load, and configuring any necessary JDBC providers and data source objects for servlets, enterprise beans, and client applications to use.

  1. If your database configuration does not already exist...

    1. Create a database to hold the data.

    2. Create tables required by your application.

      If your application uses entity enterprise beans to access the data You can create the tables using the data definition language (DDL) generated from the enterprise bean configuration. For more information, see Recreating database tables from the exported table data definition language.

      If your application does not use entity beans You must use your database server interfaces to create the tables.

    3. See Minimum required properties for vendor-specific data sources for certain vendor's databases requirements.


  2. See Creating a JDBC provider using the administrative console if your enterprise application contains a web application (.war) or an EJB application that uses connection pooling to access a relational database.

  3. See Configuring data access for application clients if your enterprise application contains an application client that accesses a relational database.

  4. Consider the security of lookups with component managed authentication. See Security of lookups with component managed authentication for more information.


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