DB2 tuning parameters

DB2 has many parameters that you can configure to optimize database performance. For complete DB2 tuning information, refer to the DB2 UDB Administration Guide... Performance.

DB2 logging

For more information about using AIX with DB2 see Tuning operating systems

DB2 configuration advisor

Located in the DB2 Control Center, this advisor calculates and displays recommended values for the DB2 buffer pool size, the database, and the database manager configuration parameters, with the option of applying these values. See more information about the advisor in the online help facility within the Control Center.

Use TCP/IP sockets for DB2 on Linux

Number of connections to DB2 - MaxAppls and MaxAgents

When configuring the data source settings for the databases, confirm the DB2 MaxAppls setting is greater than the maximum number of connections for the data source. If you are planning to establish clones, set the MaxAppls value as the maximum number of connections multiplied by the number of clones. The same relationship applies to the session manager number of connections. The MaxAppls setting must be equal to or greater than the number of connections. If you are using the same database for session and data sources, set the MaxAppls value as the sum of the number of connection settings for the session manager and the data sources.

For example, MaxAppls = (# of connections set for data source + # of connections in session manager) x # of clones.

After calculating the MaxAppls settings for the WebSphere database and each of the application databases, verify that the MaxAgents setting for DB2 is equal to or greater than the sum of all of the MaxAppls values, for example, MaxAgents = sum of MaxAppls for all databases.

DB2 buffpage

The buffer pool hit ratio indicates the percentage of time that the database manager did not need to load a page from disk to service a page request. That is, the page was already in the buffer pool. The greater the buffer pool hit ratio, the lower the frequency of disk input and output. Calculate the buffer pool hit ratio as follows:

DB2 query optimization level

DB2 reorgchk

DB2 MinCommit

DB2 Deadlock Event Monitor

For more information about using AIX with DB2 see Tuning operating systems


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