Tweak resource references using the Assembly Toolkit


A resource reference delineates access to resources such as a data sources, URLs, and mail providers by using a logical name rather than the actual name in the run time environment.

Resource references are declared in the deployment descriptor by the application provider. During the application deployment process, resource reference names are bound to the the actual name of the resource in the WebSphere environment.

  1. Start the Assembly Toolkit.

  2. Import the enterprise application EAR(file) you want to change.

  3. Display the resource references for the type of application component...

  4. Right-click the module whose resource references you want to change and click...

    Open With > Deployment Descriptor Editor

  5. For servlets and application clients, click Add. For EJB modules, select the particular bean and click Add.

  6. Select the resource reference option and click Next.

  7. Specify the settings and click Finish.

  8. Select the References tab and, under WebSphere Extensions, select an isolation level.

  9. Under WebSphere Bindings, specify a JNDI name.

  10. Close the deployment descriptor editor and save your changes.

  11. Generate the code.


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