Configure and use the jt400.jar file

  1. Download the jt400.jar file from the JTOpen URL at . Place it in a directory on your work station such as C:\JDBC_Drivers\Toolbox.

  2. Open the administrative console.

  3. Select Environment.

  4. Select Managed WebSphere Variables.

  5. Set the managed variable OS400_TOOLBOX_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH at the Node level.

  6. Double click OS400_TOOLBOX_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH.

  7. Set the value to the full directory path to the jt400.jar file downloaded in step one. Do not include jt400.jar in this value. For example

    OS400_TOOLBOX_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH == "C:\JDBC_Drivers\Toolbox"

    When you choose a Toolbox driver from the list of possible resource providers the Classpath field looks like:

    Classpath == ${OS400_TOOLBOX_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH}/jt400.jar


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